Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photos from the past month

I've gotten some really fabulous bird photos sent my way by birders in Aroostook County this fall and I really should have been posting these images as they came in.    Here's a selection of them in no particular order.  Enjoy:

Patty Jennings got this wonderful portrait of a Hermit Thrush that was lingering at her yard in Stacyville in early November

Vickie Ketch watched a Bald Eagle chase a Herring Gull for almost 10 minutes at Madawaska Lake on the 13th of November...the gull ultimately got away.

Doug Hitchcox found this spectacular male Redhead in the last remaining liquid water on the impoundment in Mars Hill.  Photographed on Dec 9th.   The bird appeared banded.

Ted Roberts continues to be spoiled by a coveted feeder bird in these parts: a gorgeous male Northern Cardinal.

Up on the Cross Road in Caribou the Snow Buntings were in the road picking up grit in early December.  How many do you see in Mary Collishaws nice shot?

Paul Cyr's feeders in Presque Isle were regularly visited by flocks of Blue Jays in late November.  This one collected some snow on its beak.

Good birding


grammie g said...

Hi Bill...Glad you posted these...some great bird watcher up there in the county!!
The Snow Buntings lovely I didn't count them : }!!
Good array of bird plumage colors..
Thanks to your contributor!!

Bill Sheehan said...

Thanks Grace!

Gene said...

What a delightful site...Thanks. I checked out some of your ads. I live in West Gardiner. Stay warm up there.

Gene said...

A very nice site and great photos..Thanks. I checked out some of your ads too.
Gene from West

The Odd Essay said...

Hope you had a successful day here at Aroostook NWR yesterday (Saturday). Looked like you had quite a large group. Just wondering how many different species y'all saw? Did you come across any bear or moose?

Conry said...

Good blog and very nice photos. Regards!

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