Monday, December 5, 2011

Canvasback at Christina Reservoir, Fort Fairfield

I found a drake Canvasback at the Christina Reservoir in Fort Fairfield today!  I got a few mediocre documentation pics that really don't do justice to the spectacular plumage and form of this bird

It was a county first for me.  I recieved a report of one at Trafton Lake in Limestone I received late last week but couldn't relocate it.  Maybe this is it (about 10 miles south), but considering all the reports in the rest of New England and New Brunswick, I think there could be a bunch around.

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golfer said...

I was hiking in Maine last week and was "attacked" by a couple of birds that looked kind of like a cross between a chicken and an owl. They were nesting on the ground. Any idea what they may be?